‘The Ugly One is a dark, sharp, witty social satire worthy of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror. Under Sarah Bradley’s direction, the strong BOVTS cast captures both the plot’s comic satire and its darker message’ ★★★★


‘sex, facelifts and being ugly in Sarah Bradley’s near masterpiece of comic theatre at the Alma Tavern, Bristol’ ★★★★ http://www.harrymottram.co.uk/?p=1803

'The irony with ‘Lying’ being in the title of the work, is that it is an honest look at first encounters and attraction with all its awkwardness (greatly directed by Bradley), with the possibilities that can come from it.' ★★★★



A Talent for Lying, directed by Sarah Bradley and presented here by Octopus Soup, is a class piece of work and surely we will be hearing more of its writer as well as the other actors on both sides of the Atlantic in future.


'With tickets checked by border control officials, a mismatching array of seats (including deck chairs) for the audience, and performed in a tent outside a church far from the central hub of normal Fringe venues, Still Here goes to great lengths to create an authentic experience that is central to its overall aims' ★★★★


'This, together with Sarah Bradley’s understated direction and use of shape and movement created by the cast, serve to focus our attention entirely on the narrative.' Highly Recommended show


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Sarah Bradley has set a high standard to start. She has crafted a work that pitches its tone and its performances somewhere between the primary colour verve of Dick Tracy and Ionesco’s theatre of the absurd (…) Bradley uses her showcase as a great calling card. What could feel superfluous in other hands feels confidently right in hers’. ★★★★

‘Mortimer’s set, Von Mayenburg’s script, Bradley’s considered directing and the strong cast all pulled together a unique, layered and complex show that was dripping with symbolism’. ★★★★★

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Still Here

'Still Here' by Rachel Partington will be preformed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016.


Debris by Dennis Kelly was preformed in Smock Ally Theatre in 2013.